The current Siyafunda Donate a book Campaign platform was launched by The Web NGO, Mr Ntokozo Ndlovu, invites people from all around the country to participate in the Siyafunda cause of helping children in South Africa, read more.

We are proud to announce that in the last 3 months through Siyafunda donate a book have donated more than 3000 children's books in 12 different rural schools across five provinces in the value of R150 000, and we have donated more than 1000 books to rural libraries across the country. During the Nelson Mandela day we went on the road trip to Mpumalanga, at Luphisi Primary School where we donated books to 22 primary schools in Pienaar community we donated more than 4900 books, 200 books per school.

 In total we have donated books in the value of R260 000.  Out of all those books, 250 were books about Nelson Mandela. On the other hand remember we do not have a financial sponsor. The founder uses money from his own pocket. We only have one book sponsor. Biblionef which is based in Cape Town. We are now left with another ten schools where we must deliver the books. We do not have a budget.

It's a unique initiative to get South African children to read and write more. Research reveals that 1 in 3 primary school going children in South Africa cannot read fluently. Children who are unable to read are unable to learn, as they can't understand what is being taught to them. And that contributes to the high dropout rate in schools and low pass rate increases.

Fortunately the government is aware of this problem, and we The Web is working towards getting children to read. However once children do learn to read, it's critical to nurture that habit, so that they begin to enjoy it, and continue to read. To cultivate a reading habit, it is essential for children to have access to books and libraries with good books to read

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